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"We are completely satisfied with the MaskIt solution."

Noreen Warren, SONY

"Impress does everything we want."

Rob Irvine, NEC Europe

"Mapsoft had the experience and expertise to create a solution tailor-made to meet our specific business needs."

Vanessa Redshaw, Hallmark

Mapsoft PageManager

PageManager is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that enables you to manipulate pages/page ranges. With PageManager you can:

This functionality is similar to the Insert, Extract, Delete and Replace options within standard Acrobat but with additional functionality to allow you to:

  • Create a new (empty) PDF document.
  • Specify the size of any new pages that are to be inserted. These can be the same size as one of the pages already found within the file or alternatively they can be any size supported by Mapsoft's MediaSizer tool, including any customised media sizes you have defined with that plug-in. This plug-in is available for purchase from Mapsoft's online store.
  • Manage multiple documents in one batch operation, by using PageManager in conjunction with Mapsoft's unique macro builder tool Automator, which is also available for purchase from Mapsoft's online store.
  • Any bookmarks or links that exist in pages inserted into another file will be retained when those pages are inserted into the target file.

                 PageManager Screenshot

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