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About Us

Mapsoft Computer Services Limited, is one of the leading providers of software development and consultancy services for Adobe Acrobat, PDF integration, Adobe InDesign and other Adobe products.

Founded in 1991, Mapsoft is an Adobe Business Partner, a member of the Adobe Solutions Network. Businesses use Mapsoft to deliver robust and reliable PDF and Adobe product solutions. Mapsoft has a proven and distinguished track record of providing unrivalled Adobe, Acrobat and PDF solutions to many of the world’s most influential companies.


Mapsoft provides a suite of its own off-the-shelf plug-ins, server solutions and components to enable its customers to streamline their own document-based processes. Click here for more information.

Software Development

We can develop solutions on Windows, UNIX or Mac systems. We specialise in developing software that provides added value to Adobe products and technologies, but we do developments in other areas as well. We offer a full software development service from concept to completion. Our in-house developers can develop a customized product to your specification while our technical authors can create any necessary documentation to complement the software. Click here for more information.

Our Customers

We have customers in all industries and in government. Our customers include many large organizations from all over the world including Adobe Systems Inc. and Adobe Europe.

Past development projects include: