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"We are completely satisfied with the MaskIt solution."

Noreen Warren, SONY

"Impress does everything we want."

Rob Irvine, NEC Europe

"Mapsoft had the experience and expertise to create a solution tailor-made to meet our specific business needs."

Vanessa Redshaw, Hallmark

Acrobat Plug-ins by solution

Variable Data Printing and Web to Print template preparation

Preparing PDF files for use by Engage Variable Data Printing (VDP) and Engage Server. (see Engage)

Text Stamping

Stamping text on PDF pages. This includes dates, watermarks, Bates numbering, file name, Author. (see Impress, Impress Pro, DocuMerger, ImagePlacer, Engage Designer and Engage VDP)

Creating Bookmarks

Creating bookmarks automatically from style information in the PDF file. (see Bookmarker)

Page Sizing

Changing the media size of PDF pages. Perhaps to quickly change from Letter to A4 or to blow up a file into a poster format. This can be done with or without content scaling. (see MediaSizer)

Page Content Scaling

Changing the scaling of content without changing the page size (see ContentScaler). With changing the page size (see MediaSizer).


Mark pages quickly for later reference, extraction and printing. (see DogEars)

Table of Contents

Create a printable and linked table of contents from PDF Bookmarks. (see TOCBuilder)

Annotations, Markup and Forms

Remove all or selected markup in a PDF file (see Flattener).

Flatten PDF form fields and/or comments back into the main PDF file so that they can not be modified (see Flattener).


Clean up dirty scans. Remove filing holes and general dirt (see MaskIt).

Masking/Hiding page content

Hide content on proofs/adverts that you don't want other users/customers to see (see MaskIt).

Remove logos and manufacturer information from data sheets and add your own logos and reseller information (see MaskIt).

Adding Images/Image stamping

Add photos and logos to existing PDF files (See ImagePlacer, DocuMerger). See Engage Designer and Engage VDP.

Personalise PDF to a customer/user

Personalise PDF files to a user/customer to ensure that copyright is not broken. Ensure that users are less likely to share information that they have purchased. (see Impress, Impress Pro, ImagePlacer, DocuMerger, InfoSetter, Engage Designer and Engage VDP)

More Flexible than standard Acrobat features

Store common open options under a customer name and quickly apply them to a file (see OpenOptions).

Store common document information such as keywords, author and title under a customer name and quickly apply them to a PDF file (see InfoSetter) .

Create, delete, remove and replace pages in a PDF file

(See PageManager, Engage Designer and Engage VDP)

Got hundreds or thousands of PDF files to process

Run most of the above solutions on batches of PDF files and in different combinations (see Automator, Engage Designer and Engage VDP).

Don't See the solution you are looking for...

Mapsoft can provide a consultancy service to find a solution. If one exists then we will find it. If it doesn't exist then we can provide a proposal for it's development.