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Mapsoft SecuritySetter

An Adobe Acrobat plug-in for applying security to pdf files.

Why not just use Acrobat?

It is possible to set this information in Acrobat, but OpenOptions allows you to store this data away in a configuration set and existing document properties can be quickly extracted from another PDF file that can not be done in Acrobat. The configuration name can then be quickly selected and applied to another PDF file.

What about setting these properties in many PDF files

Manage multiple documents in one batch operation, by using OpenOptions in conjunction with Mapsoft's unique macro builder tool, Automator , which is also available for purchase from Mapsoft's online store.

About Security

Using the SecuritySetter tool you can set two types of password to limit access to your PDF files:

Open the Document password
Users must enter this password, sometimes referred to as the user password, before they can open the document to which it applies.

Change Security Options password
Users must enter this password, sometimes referred to as either the master or owner password, if existing security options are to be changed. It is advisable to set this password, as if it is not set, anyone who opens the file could then remove any restrictions that might apply to it.

Passwords can be changed or deleted. However, passwords cannot be recovered from the document should you forget them.

SecuritySetter Screenshot

When changing a document's security it is important that you are aware that while SecuritySetter is able to make the changes you require, the remaining tools in the Master Toolbox, and many of Acrobat's functions too, require you to perform a Save As operation before these tools/functions can be informed of the changes made with SecuritySetter. Under Acrobat Version 5, it is often necessary to perform a Save As before your changes become visible. Under Acrobat 6 you are also advised to perform either a Save or a Save-As operation to ensure that security modifications are fully understood by Acrobat before proceeding with other operations.

When used in combination with Automator and other Plug-in Suite tools, you have unrivalled flexibility and power to edit, modify or standardize many files in one easy operation. The processing can be applied to the current file only, or all files in any number of specified directories, or to specifically selected files, or any combination of these options.

The Mapsoft PDF Plug-ins are especially useful where there is a requirement to comment, markup or edit pdf documents for publishing purposes especially where automation may be an important factor.

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