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Success Stories

Customer Quotes

"We are completely satisfied with the MaskIt solution."

Noreen Warren, SONY

"Impress does everything we want."

Rob Irvine, NEC Europe

"Mapsoft had the experience and expertise to create a solution tailor-made to meet our specific business needs."

Vanessa Redshaw, Hallmark


Mapsoft provides free support for both its customised development solutions and for its 'off-the-shelf' retail products as outlined below.

Support for Custom Developed (Bespoke) Products

Mapsoft will usually provide a year's free support for any customised software product developed by us. However, this may vary according to each customers requirements. This will commence on user-acceptance of the product. This support will cover any problems that may arise that are due to faulty code. However, this agreement does not cover general maintenance, user support or features outside the original specifications for a particular project. Maintenance and end user support contracts can be arranged independently. Please contact us for details.

Support for "Off the Shelf" Products

Mapsoft typically offers 90 days free support for any of its retail products commencing from the date that a product was purchased. Support is normally done via email. Should you require support for one of Mapsoft's 'off the shelf' retail products please email us at

The license agreements for Mapsoft products are now available.