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Mapsoft Automator

Automator is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that allows you to:

Automator is a robust, very powerful, automation tool which delivers a professional additional solution for working with Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF) documents and many of Mapsoft's Acrobat plug-ins.

It is a unique automation macro builder tool designed to be used in conjunction with the Mapsoft publishing tools to create a workflow where combinations of plug-ins and their configurations can be used over batches of PDF files.

Automator Screenshot

Automator supports the following Mapsoft Acrobat plug-ins and is part of the Mapsoft Acrobat plug-in Suite:


Creates a hierarchical set of bookmarks automatically. Bookmarks up to any nested level can be created, based on the headings found within a document. See more


Changes the size of a page's contents without altering the actual page dimensions. See more


Allows you to merge template PDF files with existing document content. See more


Dramatically reduces the size of certain PDF files by removing active parts like navigation buttons and forms. Flattener can also move content from annotation (like form content and markup) right into the document so that it can be archived or viewed easily. See more


Stamps images in a variety of formats onto your PDF document(s), either as an overlay on top of existing content, or as a watermark below it. Images can also be transparent. See more


Stamps text stamps onto selected file(s). Stamps can include variable information such as date/time information and page numbering, including Bates numbering and Roman numerals formats. See more


Sets Acrobat information options including Title, Subject, Author, Keywords and the Base Uniform Resource Locator (URL) used for links to the World Wide Web (WWW). See more


Masks/hides the contents of selected areas within a page or range of pages. See more


Alters the media size of the selected PDF document without changing its contents. See more


Manages Acrobat's document opening options, including Initial View, Window and User Interface options. See more


Allows you to create a new blank PDF document. You can also create new pages and specify their size, and remove, insert and replace existing pages. See more


Splits a large PDF document into smaller documents. Optionally, any pre-existing links within the original document can be retained when that document is split into smaller documents. See more


Manages Acrobat's Security options within a document, including owner password and access rights. See more


Exports thumbnails for your selected document(s) as image files for use in desktop publishing or on websites. See more


Generates Table of Contents automatically from existing bookmarks within a file. TOCBuilder automatically creates the linked references. See more

You can select any of the above Mapsoft tools for use with Automator you can use them:

If used in combination, they can be used in whichever combination and order you require in order to create a sequence of actions (known as an Automator configuration) for those tools. Each tool can be added to this sequence more than once, and each time it is used it can have different settings. This sequence of actions can then be applied to one document or across a library of documents. Sequences of tasks can be saved and reused.

Mapsoft can also build customised Acrobat plug-ins that can use the Automator interfaces.

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