Mapsoft TOCBuilder Videos

This video gives a general overview of how to create a clickable, printable, table of contents in pdf using TOCBuilder  Mapsoft TOCBuilder is a plugin for Adobe Acrobat.



“Do you need a table of contents but haven’t found an easy solution? Then why not try Maps of Adobe Acrobat’s TOC Builder plugin? Why only use bookmarks when, in comparison, Mapsoft’s TOC Builder plugin gives you more screen real estate?

TOC Builder is simple and easy to navigate. Unlike bookmarks, your table of contents is printable. You can insert your table of contents on any page within your document and run TOC Builder again and again to replace your table of contents when changes in your document are made.

Make a table of contents in just a few clicks. It really is as easy as that.

Mapsoft’s TOC Builder: Why not try before you buy at”


This next video provides instructions for automatically creating a TOC for a pdf file running inside Adobe® Acrobat using the Mapsoft TOCBuilder plug-in.

Presentation Overview:

This presentation demonstrates the quick and easy process of using Mapsoft TOC Builder to generate a simple table of contents in your PDF file, leveraging the bookmarks that are already present.

  • Viewing Bookmarks and Hierarchy: Initially, we’re shown the bookmarks and their hierarchy, which are instrumental in creating the table of contents.

  • Completed Table of Contents: Following that, the video displays the completed table of contents that was created from the bookmarks.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Access TOC Builder:

    • Navigate to the Acrobat plugins menu.
    • Select the Mapsoft submenu.
    • Choose TOC Builder from the options.
  2. Configure TOC Builder:

    • The TOC Builder window appears, allowing you to specify all the options for your table of contents.
    • For this demonstration, a simple table of contents is created using three levels derived from the bookmarks.
  3. Generate Levels:

    • Three levels are generated in the table of contents window, labeled as level one, level two, and level three.
  4. Creation of the Table of Contents:

    • After setting up the levels, click the OK button to initiate the creation of the table of contents.


The presentation succinctly shows how Mapsoft TOC Builder facilitates the creation of a structured table of contents in a PDF file, making document navigation easier and more efficient.