modify pdf files using the Adobe Acrobat plug-in software development kit (sdk) and Adobe PDF Library

Adobe Acrobat and PDF Custom Software Development

Modifying Adobe Acrobat and Reader to edit and modify pdf files

Acrobat SDK outline

We can offer solutions to modify a PDF file to become an integral part of Adobe Acrobat. To do this we use the Adobe Acrobat plug-in software development kit (sdk. Alternatively, we can integrate Adobe Acrobat into a solution. We can achieve this through plugins, scripts, and calls from other applications in Windows and Mac environments. Acrobat plugins allow the addition of features to the Adobe Acrobat menus, toolbars, and even enable the provision of floating palettes and windows.

Acrobat SDK and Adobe PDF Library compatibility

A significant portion of the code utilized in plug-ins is compatible with the Adobe® PDF Library. This compatibility streamlines the integration process, ensuring that developers can leverage existing codebases and enhance functionality with minimal adjustments. Essentially, this means that when you’re working with plug-ins, you’re tapping into a robust framework supported by the Adobe® PDF Library. This synergy not only saves time but also increases efficiency by allowing for seamless transitions between different development environments.

Our experience

Mapsoft has extensive experience of producing functionality to modify pdf files with the Acrobat Software Developer Kit (SDK). We have used it in its own products as well as numerous customised developments for customers. We can even modify our own products to create a more defined solution to customers

The Acrobat SDK

The Adobe Acrobat SDK (Software Development Kit) 

is a set of tools and resources that allow developers to create custom solutions using Adobe Acrobat and PDF (Portable Document Format) technology. 

The SDK includes documentation, code samples, and libraries for building applications that work with PDF documents. Additionally, it contains tools for testing and debugging. 

The Adobe Acrobat plug-in software development kit sdk is a specific part of the SDK that is used for developing plug-ins that provide additional features for Adobe Acrobat

With the Acrobat SDK, developers can create applications that can create, edit, and convert PDF documents, as well as adding custom functionality to Adobe Acrobat to provide feature that for example can edit and modify pdf files. 

The Acrobat SDK is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. The Acrobat SDK is available for Windows and MacOS, and it includes APIs for a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Creating and manipulating PDF files
  • Working with PDF forms
  • Adding and Extracting text and images from PDF files
  • Adding and modifying custom and existing annotations
  • Merging and splitting PDF files
  • Validating, optimizing and repairing PDF files
  • Adding Custom Digital Signatures

Developers can use the Acrobat SDK to build custom solutions for a variety of purposes, such as automating PDF-based workflows, integrating Acrobat and PDF functionality into other applications, and developing custom plug-ins and tools for Acrobat.

Adobe® PDF Library SDK for out of Acrobat PDF solutions (also server and web)

We can provide out of Acrobat PDF solutions that can be made available on server and web based environments (the cloud). We do this using the Adobe PDF library.

In using the Adobe PDF library, we can be confident that the PDF technology used is up-to-date and compatible with all PDF files in use today. The PDF files can be saved and generated in accordance with all of the PDF standards such as the standard ISO 32000 (PDF 1.7), PDF/A, PDF/X, PDF/E. PDF/UA, PDF/VT.

The Adobe® PDF Library is the core engine of Adobe® Acrobat® and Adobe® Reader. There is also a 64bit version available for the Windows platform that can more easily be integrated into server and web platforms and .NET and ASP.NET Core interfaces available in the Datalogics licensed version. 

A lot of code, if written in C++ is compatible with the plug-in part of the Acrobat SDK and so you can have an Acrobat plug-in and Server or Cloud version running off the same code base. The .NET and Java interfaces are specific to the PDF Library

C++ common Interfaces for Acrobat Plug-ins and the Adobe PDF Library

acrobat sdk c++ interfaces

OEM Licensee of the Adobe PDF Library

Mapsoft has been an OEM licensee of the Adobe® PDF Library for many years and we have extensive experience of developing with this technology using both the c++ and c# interfaces. The PDF library is an integrated part of our Engage products.

What next?

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