illustrator sdk

Adobe Illustrator Software Developer Kit (SDK)

What is the Adobe Illustrator Software Development Kit (SDK)?

Where speed and enhanced integration needs to be achieved then the c++ interface part of the Illustrator SDK is probably the best route as we used in the integration of Illustrator into SMART boards

CEP is the standard way of providing a user interface and uses web based technologies such as HTML and JavaScript. Event handling can be provided you with the C++ and ExtendScript Adobe Illustrator SDK interfaces for both commands and feedback.

Adobe illustrator is primarily written using a language called C++. The Adobe illustrator SDK has been the standard way for decades to add functionality to Adobe illustrator. Where speed is important than this interface is definitely the preferred way of developing extensions to Illustrator. C++ code produces DLLs (dynamic link libraries) on Windows and shared libraries on Mac OSX, which on startup add to the core functionality of Illustrator. Developers need to use platform dependent development environments depending on whether they are developing the code for Windows or for the Mac. Most of the code is compatible across both platforms but there will be some elements which are specific. The code is generally more complex to develop using this interface rather than the scripting interface for Extend Script and often functionality exposed by the sea plus plus interface is not always available to the scripting interface. However it is possible to use the two in combination.

What next?

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