PDF Software Solutions to edit and modify pdf files

PDF Software Solutions to edit and modify pDF files

Do you have a PDF based workflow or want to start implementing one? Perhaps you need an automated workflow solution to edit and modify pdf files or an integration into an existing workflow.

Our Experience

Mapsoft has the skills to help. We have been working with organisations in implementing PDF based workflows since Acrobat and PDF were first created. Our Technical Director Michael Peters created the first PDF export for Adobe for Adobe PageMaker in 1994. We also license the same technology (Adobe PDF Library) that is used in Acrobat and the Adobe® Reader from Adobe. Mapsoft is an Adobe Business Partner.

Services that we provide

These are the services that we can provide:

1. Advice on how best to fit PDF into your workflows and how to edit and modify existing pdf files or create new ones. We do not normally charge for an initial consultancy for providing technical proposals provided that there are reasonable discussions and the customer knows what is required.

2. Existing plug-in products for Acrobat. We can provide enhancements and modifications – see below.

3. Modification of our products to better fit your workflow.

4. Development of custom products and plugins for Windows, Mac and Server environments. We have decades of experience providing these services. See our customer list for some organisations that we have worked with.

Other areas of expertise

Our team also has experience working with other Adobe® Applications, including InDesign, InDesign Server, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Additionally, we possess extensive knowledge in other technologies like JavaScript, XML, and SQL, JSON, .NET, .NET Framework, C#, C++. 

Our track record

Mapsoft has an great track-record of creating quality software solutions on behalf of its clients, many of whom are very prestigious international companies and corporations, so in using our services you’re in a very good company. Clients of our customised software development service include Lloyd’s of London, Foster + Partners, Hallmark and Xerox: we have even developed components for Adobe® Systems Inc themselves. A more detailed list of our clients can be found on our Clients page.

What next?

If you are interested in discussing our PDF Software solutions and software development services further then please send an email to info@mapsoft.com by clicking the button below: