agile software development

Agile Software Development

what is agile software development?

It is a set of principles for software development that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and rapid iteration. It is based on the idea that the requirements of a software project can change quickly and that it is important to be able to respond to those changes in a flexible and efficient way.


In Agile software development, the development process is divided into short cycles, called “sprints,” during which a small, cross-functional team works on a specific set of features or tasks. These sprints typically last one to four weeks and involve frequent collaboration and communication between team members, as well as regular check-ins with stakeholders to ensure that the software being developed meets their needs.

Delivery to the customer is key

One of the key principles of agile development is the concept of “working software over comprehensive documentation.” This means that the primary focus is on delivering functional software to the customer as quickly as possible, rather than spending a lot of time upfront on detailed documentation and planning.

Agile software development methodology

There are several Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Lean and Kanban, each with its own practices and principles. Agile development is often used in situations where the needs of a project are unclear or are expected to change significantly over time.