DiamondTouch Table and Adobe Acrobat Integration

DiamondTouch Table and Adobe Acrobat Integration

The worlds first multi-user touch table and a plug-in developed by Mapsoft running under Adobe Acrobat. 


(00:00) hello my name is adam bogue and this is the diamond touch table 

(00:04) it’s the first instill only multi-user touch 

(00:07) technology capable of supporting multiple simultaneous users 

(00:12) and it knows who’s who here let me show you how diamond touch is different than 

(00:16) other multi-touch displays that you might have seen before (00:22) so obviously this is a touch screen but the thing that makes it different 

(00:26) is that diamond touch is multi-user and i have a little demo that illustrates 

(00:30) what i mean by that so when i touch it’s blue and 

(00:35) when these guys touch do you see how each of us is a different color (00:40) no matter where you touch diamond touch knows who’s who (00:43) and the point here is we wanted to create a new type of computer interface (00:47) to support small group face-to-face collaboration 

(00:51) laptops tablets smartphones those were all designed for individual users 

(00:57) of course you can use these devices to connect to other individuals 

(01:01) but if you’re in the same place with other people and you’re trying to work 

(01:04) together you know these devices get in the way 

(01:07) that’s why people often print things out when they’re going to meet 

(01:11) the best a traditional computer can do is to let one person drive while 

(01:15) everybody else kind of looks over that person’s shoulders 

(01:18) and that’s no good with diamond touch everybody can be face to face 

(01:22) and everyone can drive at once so here’s my desktop my finger’s a mouse 

(01:30) here’s another big difference between diamond touch and other touch screens 

(01:33) you know how windows only has one cursor well right now i have it 

(01:38) and if someone tries to take it from me they can’t have it until i let go and 

(01:44) then they can have it this is a subtle point but other touch 

(01:48) screens can’t do that other touch screens kind of freak out 

(01:51) when multiple people touch the cursor jumps around and you’d never 

(01:55) get anything done that’s why most tabletop touch screens 

(01:59) avoid the frustration by making it only work with special 

(02:03) applications specifically designed for their hardware 

(02:06) whereas diamond touch works with anything 

(02:14) that’s a double click my fist is a scroll wheel (02:19) yeah you got it now because most business software is 

(02:24) single user what we’ve been doing is to make other people’s software 

(02:28) multi-user aware and here’s an example diamond touch can be used by engineers 

(02:32) and architects for design review meetings 

(02:35) of course a long time ago these design review meetings 

(02:38) took place about a large piece of paper a blueprint or a schematic 

(02:43) and people were face to face now with everything done in cad 

(02:48) people are making their design review comments in the computer 

(02:51) one person at a time and it’s a lot less efficient 

(02:55) people don’t have the opportunity to be face to face 

(03:02) so this is a drawing of a building it’s a pdf 

(03:06) what we did is we made a plug-in tool for adobe acrobat that lets you 

(03:10) do some new things it makes it diamond touch or multi-user aware 

(03:14) first of all you can do the two-finger zoom this is a pan gesture 

(03:18) now if we’re doing commenting for design review 

(03:21) we can do it multi-user style so we have these tools here this is mine 

(03:26) and that’s yours when i draw here you can see that shows 

(03:31) up here in the comment pane with my name on it 

(03:34) now when you guys draw right so we can all be working at the same 

(03:39) time here i can highlight this text i can open up a tool like this 

(03:50) and automatically a keyboard pops up if you’re meeting with a client you can 

(04:02) capture the customer approval right here in the document with these 

(04:05) stamps and again because we know who’s who 

(04:07) we know who it was that approved the document and when 

(04:11) and when this is another example of something that you can only do 

(04:16) on the diamond touch table because it knows who’s who 

(04:19) not just multi-touch multi-user touch

Video Summary

The video features Adam Bogue introducing the Diamond Touch table, a unique multi-user touch technology that supports multiple simultaneous users and distinguishes between them. 

Unlike other multi-touch displays, Diamond Touch allows each user to interact with the screen in a distinct color, enabling a collaborative environment where multiple people can work together face-to-face without the barriers typically introduced by personal devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

The technology is designed to enhance group collaboration, making it ideal for settings where face-to-face interaction and simultaneous input from multiple users are beneficial, such as in design review meetings or collaborative projects. 

Diamond Touch also integrates with existing software, making it versatile and adaptable to various applications. The demonstration highlights features like multi-user commenting on a PDF document, showcasing how Diamond Touch can make software multi-user aware and facilitate more efficient and interactive meetings.

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