barcodes and funky fonts

Engage Variable Data Printing Extra Modules

There are two additional modules available for Engage VDP for fields that can be placed into PDF files in Adobe Acrobat.

  • Barcodes
  • Funky Fonts

These are available with the purchase of additional serial numbers.


We provide support for most of the popular barcode types including PDF417 and QR codes:

Most barcodes are available as fonts and are often not embeddable in PDF files, This is a pain because you then have to provide the font to print. However our barcodes are vectors so are fully scalable and don’t require external fonts.

Funky Fonts

  • 3D effects – have text following flowing into the horizon
  • Merge text into a photographs using a distortion grid
  • Fuzzy Text

Please see our FAQ for common questions about Engage.

Trial Evaluation and Purchase

Please send an email to to request trial versions of either the Engage Designer for Windows or the Mac and also the Engage VDP product

If you have other specific questions about Engage then please see our FAQ