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Unlock the Power of Personalized Printing with Engage Connect & Variable Data Solutions

Engage Connect

Engage Connect is a way of adding the Mapsoft Engage technology to a website. This could either be for Web to Print or Variable Data Printing. Personalised templates are provided using the Mapsoft developed Engage Designer. Mapsoft can provide a service to integrate this technology if you require or if you have your own technical staff then we can advise and support them in this process. Once we have established your exact requirements then we can provide a cost for doing this. Please contact us for a demonstration of the system. For more information please see this page

Engage Variable Data Printing

Engage Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a desktop based Variable Data composition and ouput tool that enables the user to connect a PDF template to a data source and output a single or multiple PDF files. The templates are created by taking a standard PDF file and adding fields that are then recognised on output of the personalised data. The adding of the fields to the pdf file is done with the Engage Designer which is a plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® and the Output is created by the Engage Variable Data Printing application into PDF or PDF/PPML. If you require a server based solution then please see the information on Engage Connect above.

Please use the contact form or send an email to for the Engage VDP product.

What are the benefits:

  • A scalable solution. The templates can be used on the desktop, in a server environment and on the web.
  • The templates start as standard PDF files. The Designer works inside Acrobat and is easy to use.
  • Start with simple templates (business cards etc) and then make them more intelligent integrate text into pictures such as the icing on a cake or the name on the back of a football shirt.
  • The Designer plug-ins are free. You only pay for the print ouput software.

Please see our FAQ for common questions about Engage.

Please see below for a full list of the features.

General Overview

Engage has two main components:

Engage Designer Acrobat Plug-in

Used for configuring PDF files for both Engage Server products and Engage Desktop products. Empowers end users to personalize printed documents online (with Engage Server) or on the desktop (with Engage Variable Data Printing).

Engage mail merge Acrobat plugin

Engage VDP Desktop

Creates the batch runs matching data with the template fields that have been created with the Engage Designer plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® to create the output PDF files using Mapsoft Server Technology and the Adobe® PDF Library.

engage mail merge personalization

Engage Variable Data Printing features include:

  • Text on Curve (with instant preview, editing in place)
  • Fully scriptable via Javascript
  • RGB, CMYK and Spot colour support as Global colours
  • Conversion of selected text to fields
  • Shadow support
  • Layer support
  • Text library support with CSV import
  • XML output/input + properties to define Form (e.g. for Web)
  • *Barcode support
  • PPML output support
  • Batch process with file size reduction
  • GUI with field positioning functions (alignment, spreading, size equalization)
  • Rich text support for text fields
  • Images with transparency (GIF, PNG, TIFF,PSD)
  • Field Masking (oval, rounded corners)
  • Text Variable support (global and local)
  • Photoshop Integration
  • *Funky Fonts

* These features are extra add-on modules, that can be activated with special serial numbers.

Engage Designer Acrobat plug-in specifications:

Operating System:10/11, Mac OSX 10.4.8 and above
System Requirements:Adobe® Acrobat® DC for Windows and Mac (standard or professional)
Support:    One year’s free support

Engage Variable Data Printing specifications:

Operating System:Windows 10/11
System Requirements:Adobe® Acrobat® DC (standard, professional)
Support:    One year’s free support


Trial Evaluation and Purchase

To request the free Engage Designer plug-in and Engage Variable Data Printing Desktop use the contact form or send an email to . The functionality of Engage engine is now available in Engage Connect. This enables the integration of the output functionality into websites and .NET applications. Please see this link for more information. Alternatively please use the contact form or send an email to If you have other specific questions about Engage then please see our FAQ