Mapsoft MaskIt

Maskit is an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in that is used to:

  • Hide information.
  • Clean up scans/faxes.
  • Clear headers and footers before using page numbering/headers and footers.

General Overview

A plug-in for use with Adobe® Acrobat®. MaskIt allows you to mask areas (stop PDF page elements from drawing within a rectangular area) of pages of PDF documents so that anything that information or content in that area will no longer be visible and will not print. It is the perfect tool for hiding secure content in automated workflows. MaskIt is particularly useful for removing items such as logos, cleaning up dirty areas appearing in a PDF file after scanning, confidential information, or headers and footers. Additional items such as annotations can be added in these masked areas later using Mapsoft Impress or Mapsoft Impress Pro.

MaskIt can create masks that remove information from either:

  • Inside a defined area such as a graphic or logo.
  • Outside an area, for example, to remove headers and footers from a page but leave everything else on the page intact.

Masks are easily defined using the Mask tool available from Acrobat’s main toolbar.

Once defined masks can be applied to the current document and/or saved for future use.

Simply select the mask you want to use from the drop-down list of available masks listed in the Mask to Apply field and click Apply.