Apply multiple PDF text stamps to A range of pages in multiple PDF files

Mapsoft Impress Pro plugin for Adobe® Acrobat®

Impress Pro is an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in that enables you to add a pdf text stamp on single or multiple PDF files:
  • Using any font and/or select globally available fonts that don’t need to be embedded.
  • As a watermark or foreground.
  • With transparency options.
  • In a fixed position relative to any edge of the page or diagonally.
  • With various rotations.
  • Using variables such as date, time, page number.
  • Option of using numbering systems such as Bates numbering and stamping of PDFs, Roman etc.
  • Run over batches of files and folders.
  • Use multiple Impressions in one run.
  • Optional security, open options and document properties can be set at the same time.
  • Color selection for the text with pre-set colors or custom RGB/CMYK values.
  • Outline feature for text.
  • Line spacing customization for text.
  • Page range selection to apply impressions on all, specified, or a range of pages.
  • Page spread options to choose from odd and even pages, odd pages only, or even pages only.
  • Use of a clipping area to constrain the impression within a specific part of the page.
  • Adjustments for page rotations to ensure the impression aligns correctly with the page content.
  • Save functionality for impressions, allowing users to store and reuse settings.
  • Delete functionality to remove saved impressions.
  • Preview button to visualize the impression before applying.
  • Apply impressions to multiple documents, suggested by the ‘Apply’ tab and its description.

Impress Pro is an Acrobat plug-in that enables a text impression (PDF text stamp) or multiple impressions to be added to a range of pages in one or more PDF files. Version 2.1 of Impress Pro has a number of enhancements based on feedback from our customers. 


Apart from the pdf text stamping features in Impress Pro, for added convenience, the document information fields, the default index, a base URL, the open defaults and security can be set at the same time. These settings are not changed unless set (the cross on each tab becomes a tick). Documents can also be printed with an impression without being permanently altered (Impress Pro needs to be installed).

Text impression(s) can be set either as watermarks, which are set on a layer below all of the existing text and images, or above existing text, where it can be used for headers and footers, page numbering etc. or alternatively transparency can be used in the background. Variables can be set to define page numbering, total number of pages and date and time in a variety of different formats.

The following options are available to allow you to control the impression with which you want to mark your document:

  • Text – the text to be used for marking the specified pages of your document. The text you specify here will appear on the relevant pages within your PDF file. Within the text, you can enter some special fields relating to page numbering, Bates numbering and date/time stamps. These fields will be replaced with their specific values when you impress your PDF file. These fields can be date and time stamps, page numbering, page counts and page ranges and bates stamping in the pdfs. Version 2.1 has helper dialogs to set these variables easily.
  • Alignment – controls the alignment used for your impression. Alignment options are Left, Centre and Right. 
  • Name – the name of this impression. To reuse an existing impression (either one you created previously, or one of the samples supplied with Impress) make your selection from the drop-down list associated with this field. 
  • Position – controls the horizontal and vertical positioning of the impression within a page, and its angle. Version 2.1 has built-in defaults for diagonal centred text and coordinates can now be set from the top or the bottom of the page.
  • Layer – controls whether the text appears in the foreground or background of the specified page(s). 
  • Font – controls the font settings to be used for your impression. Version 2.1 allows the use of any font available on your system and the text can be invisible or outlined for use where watermarks would be obscured. If the file is only to be viewed in Acrobat 5 then the transparency feature can be used. 
  • Colour – sets the colour of the impression either with pre-set colours or as RGB or CMYK. Version 2.1 has a custom Gray and CMYK selection tools.
  • Transparency – controls the level of transparency for your overlay text. Content below can be seen through the text. 
  • Page Range – specifies the pages which you wish to mark with this impression. 
  • Page Spread – Specifies the page spread, of pages lying within the specified page range, to be marked with the impression. These can be Odd and Even Pages, Odd pages only and Even pages only.
  • Impress Pro will also enable the setting of document information including the index to mount when the document is opened and the base URL. Version 2.1 allows the saving of a set of defaults.

    Impress Pro will also enable the setting of document open defaults. The view options may be set not to change any existing defaults. Version 2.1 allows the saving of a set of defaults.

    Impress Pro can also be used to set security in all of the selected documents. Version 2.1 allows the saving of a set of defaults.

    The Apply screen in Impress Pro controls the modes in which this plug-in can be used.

    Available modes are:
  • None – specifies that no Impression will be applied to documents. However, the batch facilities might still be used for setting Information, open or security defaults on their own.
  • Current impression – the impression used on the Impression tab will be used.
  • Selected impressions – one or more pre-saved impressions is used from the impressions list.
  • Current document – just the current open document is processed.
  • Multiple documents – a batch of PDF files can be selected. Version 2.1 now supports directory selection and subdirectory recursion. File paths can also be imported from a list and saved out to a list.
  • The Mapsoft PDF Plug-ins are especially useful where there is a requirement to comment, markup or edit PDF documents for publishing purposes especially where automation may be an important factor. To try Impress Pro please register to download the tryout version. The tryout version is not time limited. Instead, the text  “Impress Pro Tryout” is stamped onto each page as well as the text you stamp yourself.

    What next?

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