Mapsoft MediaSizer: The Ultimate Adobe® Acrobat® Plugin for Page Dimension Adjustment

MediaSizer is an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in. It allows you to:
  • change the media size of pages in PDF document (i.e. change from A4 to letter, A4 to A3 etc).
  • rescale the contents of the page to fit the new media size

An example of use is that you might want to change a Letter size document to A4 for distribution in the European market or A4 sized document to letter size for the North American market.

MediaSizer works differently from the page clipping facility offered within Acrobat itself which can only reduce the page size, as with MediaSizer not only can you specify a standard page size such as A4 or Letter, but you can also increase the page size. Custom page sizes can also be added.

Other page size change examples:

  1. creating an poster size from an standard sized document. For example A0 to A4
  2. reducing a poster size document in order to print it on a standard printer. For example A4 to A0